Stony Brook, New York

Terminix has been servicing my home since 1986.  When we purchased our home in 1995, we continued their annual “Terminix Guarantee.”  We found out that this is basically just throwing your money out the window. In April 2002, we had a swarm of termites in our kitchen and had extensive damage.  We changed window frames and walls, at our expense, since our contract does not cover damages.  Terminix treated our home with the liquid defense system.  Keep in mind that since 1986 they have been inspecting my home each year, finding no evidence of termite damage.

In April 2008, we reported another swarm and found more damage including the same area we replaced in 2002.  Their inspector came and recommended treatment (treatment is recommended when there is evidence of activity).  He also told my husband that the treatment done in 2002 was not done according to code.  We were also told by our pest control technician that the treatment only lasts one year.  The entire back of my home was structurally unsafe and we had to replace sill plates and beams.  Since there were no termites in the wood, Terminix stated there was no activity.  We were also told by the service manager that some homes need to be treated annually in problem areas–apparently, my home was one of those homes. To remedy the situation, they installed the bait stations, free of charge. I still believed they should be held accountable for their annual inspections they are charging a fee for.  How could an entire back of a house be destroyed without a qualified inspector finding evidence.  I was told by my pest control tech that “someone definitely dropped the ball on this house.”

I filed with the local consumer protection agencies and instead of answering my questions, Terminix has decided to cut me off as a customer (even though we have a 2-year contract), remove my bait stations, and refund $1,200 (the cost of the bait station prorated).  I suppose they feel this will make me go away!  I will be seeking the advice of an attorney–I don’t feel they should be getting away with charging an annual fee and not have any responsibility…I would be in the same situation without the guarantee!

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