If you think you've been treated unfairly by Terminix Pest Control, an attorney who is experienced in Terminix lawsuits can help you determine whether or not you have a claim.

Terminix is Experienced in Dodging Liability

Obtaining expert termite inspections for evidence of past or present signs of WDO and damage requires specialized training. This is explained further on our site under "Can I Repair Termite Damage Myself?"

An experienced attorney who deals with these cases will make sure your home is adequately inspected by a professional who understands the loopholes Terminix tries to use against you.

For example, knowing type of pesticides needed and how they should be applied to achieve proper results requires special credentials. Without this knowledge, you might be fooled by dodging statements made by Terminix such as, "The chemicals wore off; you should pay us for a baiting system or retreatment." We cover the most common dodges used by Terminix on our site under "Do I Have a Termite Problem?"

What to Look For in a Termite Attorney

A qualified, Terminix lawsuit attorney will:

  • Have experience in successfully handling cases against Terminix.
  • Understand evidence of damage from termites or other wood destroying organisms.
  • Know how to evaluate, document, and portray the termite damage so that you recover maximum compensation.
  • Demonstrate experience and knowledge of the pest control industry and consumer protection laws.
  • Know how to fight against Terminix attorneys and the many tactics they use for evading liability.

A Terminix Lawsuit Attorney Will Ask all the Right Questions

Let's face it, big businesses like Terminix have an arsenal of attorneys and tactics for evading claims against them. They know how to confuse you with legal talk and might even make you feel that the damage to your home is your fault. Do not be fooled. Here are some of the many important questions your attorney will help you address:

  • How do I recover compensation? How can I get around a clause in the contract that prevents recovering for the decreased value of my home, mental anguish, and punitive (incidental) damages?
  • Why is my home damaged? Did I do something wrong?  Did Terminix skip treating areas that are required by labels or state regulations? Did the pesticide Terminix used wear-off?  Did the way my house is built cause the problem, and could the right experts establish that the pest control company should have told me (and does that make the termite company liable)?
  • Was my termite inspection adequate? Terminix says they did not need to lift the ceiling tiles in my drop-ceiling to look at the wood in walls and floors, is that right, or was my inspection negligent?
  • Is Terminix responsible for the damage? When is it fair for Terminix to claim that my damage is "old damage" or they see no "active infestation" so they are not responsible for the damage? Did the company skip treating areas of my house with chemicals?
  • Can I receive compensation for repairs? Can I receive compensation even if my contract says I cannot recover for repairs? What states allow recovering mental anguish damages because I am worried I will go broke fixing my house, or that its value is ruined because of termite damage?

Going up against these problems, questions, and evasive tactics can be a nightmare, and without the right representation you are not likely to get the results you deserve. Terminix Pest Control and other pest control companies deal with cases like yours every day, and they will use every trick in the book to deceive you into thinking you have no shot at fighting against them.

If you feel you have been wronged by Terminix and wish to file a Terminix lawsuit, contact a qualified attorney today, before it's too late!