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I worked for Terminix as a Sales Inspector until I was relieved of duty in the company parking. I suspected the company was a fraud even on my first day. The videos we were to watch for safety and other issues amounted to about 14 hours of time, we were allotted 2 1/2 hours to view the material. When I questioned this, I was told by another employee to “fast forward and skip whole videos, everyone does it, you can’t get through it all in the time allowed.” I had to sign a booklet stating that I had viewed the material, it all seemed dishonest, and if I was caught lying, I would be fired. The manager coolly kept his distance and turned a blind eye to all this dishonest behavior and illegal action so I guess he could state that he was “unaware” of this activity. I witnessed technicians using plain water or in some cases a thimble full of pesticide to treat an entire house. I witnessed the selling of contracts based on false information, meaning, finding problems when in fact none existed. When we were informed that we were to perform termite inspections for people who had termite protection plans the manager stated “Do we want to find termites at these people’s homes?” “No” was the chorus from the sales team.

People who had damage claims or that called frequently because of unresolved termite or pest problems were deemed “problem customers” and were flagged in the system. In addition, their zip codes or addresses were altered to read incorrectly, then when their renewal contracts and payments were due, they would never receive them and would be dropped as customers. As a salesperson, I was hired with my manager stating that “we are Terminix, we do not cold-call, you will have so many leads that you will not be able to handle the business.”  Day one, after my “training,” I was cold-calling all day long; in three months, I received maybe 20 leads, total. I was told by management that I could not leave the office without a minimum of 7 inspections set up for the day, on most days this was impossible. I was taught by the sales team to “poof”, I asked what that was, I was told that you get the phone book or a cold call list and put in fake appointments! It was all a numbers game, so management looks like it is doing their job and getting the sales teams out there and getting them in front of potential customers.  They all know that it is a scam and a lie. Best of all, if they get tired of complaints by you, they call you in and tell you that they caught you making up fake appointments! Any complaints about bad service or lying or falsification of documents, treatment or proper treatments would be met with being fired.

I witnessed countless foundations with damage due to the installation of our new crawlspace vents, which we were to push on people. I saw well over 100 homes with foundation damage and ruined and cracked blocks due to improper installations of these vents. The idea is to take money in, and then do nothing for the customer.  Any time or money spent is viewed as a “loss” by management. People who do develop termite problems and are entitled to a “whole house” treatment are given small ‘area” treatments which leave them vulnerable to further infestations, the idea being that they will later “drop” these customers and not have to deal with any further damage claims or treatments. How this company exists, is beyond me, how they can go on indicted and continuing this fraud is a criminal matter, it was truly unbelievable. I am sure that a 60 Minute type investigation is in the cards….shortly.  I was told I had to take my car and all the 4 weeks of training, 2 with technicians 2 weeks with sales people, I thought that this was unusual and I found out why…. after one sales call or pest or termite job I was told to “go home, everyone does it, I don’t want you around with me on my sales calls/pest-termite calls”, so, I went home. I was told that “Martin” knows that all this goes on but turns a blind eye about it all. So much for “Training.”  My second day in training I did a termite liquid job on a house…by myself, just someone in a truck standing by “watching” me.  He wasn’t watching me, and I had no idea what I was doing.  I also had no safety gear on at all, no goggles or safety glasses, no gloves, nothing, just my street clothes.  Gotta love Termnix!

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.