The Truth About the Terminix “No Treatment Contract”

Terminix has contracts that promise they will protect customers homes without using chemicals, bait or traps. The truth about these “No Treatment” Contract is that there is a 100% chance your home will not be adequately protected. 

According to employee testimony, Terminix purposefully hides this truth from their customers. After infestation is discovered, Terminix will sometimes pay for the home repairs under certain circumstances. But if Terminix refuses then consumers are left to fight the company in costly secret arbitration hearings.

Thus Terminix provides no protection and then makes you fight a long and costly battle to get them to repair the damage that they negligently caused. Their bet is that they can persuade you not to do so and since it is such a hassle you won’t.

If your home has been infested because of this kind of Terminix contract or you suspect your termite problem resulted from a below par Terminix treatment, then reach out to us. Lawyers and paralegals at the firm can be contacted at the listings below.

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