Ohio Grandmother Pays Terminix for Years – Now Terminix is Reneging

An Ohio Lawsuit against Terminix may not be an isolated case. In fact, it most likely it affects homeowners across the nation. Terminix¬†used chemicals that didn’t work on home in Ohio. As a result, the home has widespread termite damage. Instead of making restitution, Terminix refused to retreat or repair.

In 1989, Mary Ellen Boutet of Reading, Ohio paid Terminix $790 to treat an infestation in her basement and signed a contract with an annual renewal fee to protect her home. For 24 years, she continued to pay for annual property inspections by Terminix.

When she passed away in 2014, her daughter, Tina Yelkin, continued to pay according to the pest control contract while she made preparations to put the home on the market. The first of two buyers under contract walked through the home with an inspector and found extensive termite damage throughout the dwelling. When Terminix came to inspect they claimed they were not liable because it was old damage from before 1989.

That’s when attorney Marc Dunn was hired by Yelkin. Dunn, a former Ohio Attorney General, then decided to partner with attorney Tom Campbell, principal of Campbell Law PC, due to his extensive expertise in termite contacts. According to Campbell, Terminix used a chemical known as Pryfon which is now known to wear off almost immediately. Terminix knew this back in 1992 and didn’t alert or retreat the Boutet household. Even worse, thousands of homes across the country were treated with Pryfon and were not retreated upon knowledge of its ineffectiveness.

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Properly performed termite prevention service would work almost 100% of the time. Let folks who understand why that is a fact figure out how the termite company failed to protect.

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