Homeowners Beware: Increasing Termite Infestation in Louisiana


Do you know how to protect your home from subterranean termites?

“Since 2009 there has been a fairly significant increase in subterranean termites. If you are a homeowner in Louisiana you need to know that these termites have been responsible for at least $300 million in losses per year,” according to LSU AgCenter entomologist Gregg Henderson.

Henderson also states that, “Subterranean termites are growing in number in this area because of a readily available food source based on cellulose. Cellulose material is the most abundant organic matter on earth, and very few animals can digest it. Formosan termites also have bigger colonies than native subterranean termites and have the ability to digest more material, leading to greater structural damage.”

Homeowners in the Baton Rouge, LA, area, in particular, should safeguard their homes from subterranean termites by watching for termite damage and avoiding the movement of material that is suspected of infestation. This is especially true for material that originates from areas with high infestations such as New Orleans, Mandeville and Lake Charles.

Chemicals are effective in controlling termites, but a professional pest control operator is necessary to do the job effectively. It is also very important that they are discovered before widespread damage occurs.

If you have concerns about termites, contact us. If you are worried about calling because your claim seems small, don’t be. You could be avoiding a tragic mistake.

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