Terminix Sued in Fort Valley

A Campbell Law PC Client watched as the foundation of his home crumbled into dust, seen in the video below. All of this because he used Terminix for termite prevention who negligently performed their job.

He cannot pay to either build another house or pay to have it rebuilt. In addition he is in bad health and lives of disability since he cannot work. Even worse, his large family was housed there with him, which includes a mother in-law with alzheimer’s.

For all of us, our home is an essential part of our security. If that major part of our security is destroyed it will result in much stress and strain. Unfortunately, he has a problems resulting from heart disease which causes him to have to rely on a pacemaker. Lucky for him the combination of stress and heart disease wasn’t fatal.

This wouldn’t of happened had Terminix done their contractual job “provided the necessary services to prevent subterranean termite attack.” This was not one isolated incident, Terminix didn’t fulfill their side of the bargain for almost twenty years.

Damage was discovered when part of the floor collapsed and the resulting debris was found to be termite infested. Although Terminix repaired the floor and the company refused to repair the disintegrating box sills in the foundation. The contract promised to replace all damaged wood. Terminix did not do that and it knew that was left undone. They lied to a severely disabled man believing they could get away with it since he couldn’t crawl under the house to find the truth. They repeatedly told him “there is nothing you should worry about”. Later it was discovered that the front of the house was sinking. When Terminix was alerted to that fact they responded by refusing to take responsibility pay a dime in repairs.

Naturally, he feared there was no hope in fighting an entity whose earnings are over a billion dollars per year. Luckily for him there was much hope to be found by contacting Campbell Law PC in Birmingham, AL. We see cases like this one frequently and win. Termite control companies are more in fear of us than we are of them. We’ve had previous employees testify to their fraudulent practices. We have seen their negligence first hand. We see them in court all the time. Do not give-in or give up, pursue litigation.

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