Terminix Lawyers Caught Making False Claims About a Judge and Arbitrator

January 2012, lawyers at Hinshaw Culberson in Chicago, Bradley Arant Bolt Cummings, and Huie Fernambucq Stewart in Birmingham: alleged there were grounds for a disqualify a respected judge and arbitrator and forcing over a $1,020,000 award against Terminix. Specifically the Arbitrator was accused of concealing information. The information they alleged was that the arbitrator’s firm had represented a family against Terminix. This in the firm’s forty-plus year history without his involvement.

Terminix International, the world’s largest termite prevention company, with annual revenue of more than 1.2 billion dollars, was found guilty of concealing the fact that it did not have the equipment or license necessary to service Sentricon accounts. In the process Terminix blatantly lied to their customers. Fraud was proven. There was “clear and convincing” evidence. So Terminix was fined the maximum allowed by Alabama law – a half million dollars.

Afterwards, Terminix’s lawyers made up an accusation against the Arbiter. This desperate last attempt was a questionable tactic when your client was just found guilty of decades-long fraud. In addition, they accused the arbitrator of misrepresenting how diligently he was working on an opinion that detailed how Terminix cheats its customers. 

As for the first accusation, the arbitrator candidly disclosed early that his firm had handled the old case. Each side waived any conflict of interest allegation that could be raised. They even laughed it off saying that it is sued by lawyers in Alabama all the time and most firms would have a history of making claims for clients against Terminix. They must not have anticipated losing the case.

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