Terminix Ordered to Pay $1,020,000.00 for Fraud and Termite Damage

Cases filed by Campbell Law PC across the country are exposing Terminix’s fraudulent practices. Some of these practices directed from its executive offices. A month prior, Terminix was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitive damages. Their ineffective service led to the condemning of a preacher’s home in a case in rural Arkansas. Justice was served this time but many are not so lucky.

The firm was also found guilty of cheating consumers by watchdog agencies. Terminix dodged a trial for cheating a church in Birmingham, Alabama by paying a last-minute settlement. In the million dollar case, Terminix argued that the evidence it offered was not given due weight: “Despite this uncontradicted and overwhelming evidence, the Arbitrator awarded claimants over $1 million in damages and other relief; over $1 million in a termite damage case with no termites and no unrepaired damage.” Ouch. “Terminix performed more than $50,000 in repairs in the home despite having no contractual obligation to do so [and] all known termite damage in the home was repaired other than less than $4,000 of repairs in a bathroom that claimants would not allow Terminix to repair.” 

Properly performed termite prevention service would work almost 100% of the time. Let folks who understand why that is a fact figure out how the termite company failed to protect.

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