Terminix Facing Fraud Trial in Cincinnati: Former Attorney General Partners with Campbell Law PC

The Court of Common Pleas set a January trial date for Terminix to face fraud charges relating to their widespread use of an ineffective termite prevention chemical in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Assigned to the case is former AG Marc Dann who decided to partner with Tom Campbell of Campbell Law PC in Birmingham, AL due to his expertise in pest control practices.

The lawsuit alleges that Terminix distributed and used the chemical, known as Pryfon 6, as a termite prevention barrier. By the time the product was used the scientists had already published studies that concluded Pryfon wore off too quickly to be an effective barrier against termites. 

In March, Terminix’s former Vice President of Service testified in a pretrial deposition that Terminix executives decided to take money for termite prevention for homes even when the company knew the termite prevention chemicals they used wore off. This meant that thousands of homes went unprotected.

Ohio regulators investigated the allegations made in the case and found Terminix to be guilty of deceitful practice. If you have your home serviced with Pryfon 6 or had similar problems due to ineffective pest control chemical application, then contact us. We will evaluate your claim free of charge.

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