I was called by Kyle a Terminix employe on or about June 17th, I believe. His phone number 417-988-3762. He was calling for a service call and told him I could not afford it any more. Then on Monday July 11th another Terminix employee showed up on my door step and my room mate Marsha Browder answered the door and he asked her if I wanted my yard serviced. She woke me up and asked me and I told her no that I could not afford it, the man sat outside my door in his truck for 15 minutes or so and did nothing, based on what Marsha told me. I then received another phone call from another rep and I did not return his call. I felt like I was being harassed, Then I received a bill for 100.00, stating that my yard had been serviced. After I told them I told them not to. Called 1-855-456-3632 on Saturday July 9th spoke to a very nice young lady, called again on Monday July 11th, not sure who I spoke to and was told that someone would return my call. No response. Called again on Wednesday July 13th and spoke to 2 people. The last person that I talked to told me I was under contract. I signed a contract in 2013, and was told it was a year long contract.. Now granted I was very upset due to the fact no one ever called me back was on the phone for 20 minutes and 47 seconds, had my phone on speaker phone for all to hear, not only was he rude and told me that I was still under contract…and asked if I was home of the date of service which based on the billing was 6-28-2013. I told him no, and also told him I told Kyle that I did or could not afford the service, and still as of today I have never received a phone call. My customer number is 9445957. I f you pull up my account you will see that I was charged 20.00, another time I told Kyle I could not afford the service, but was still billed 100.00. Called and complained and they charged me the 20.00. I had one more service done paid the whole 100.00. I can no longer afford these services due to health issues. I do not appreciate being called a liar. The initial service was for bed bugs after having a person bring them into my house, and was told this was a year long contract. This seems very shady to me and being self employed customer service is everything!!! Will you please have someone call me. Contacted the Better Business Bureau and I am awaiting a complaint form. But I am giving you the benefit of the doubt to return my call and explain to me when I told them not to service my house, and if it was serviced why did someone else show up on my doorstep, and then received another call asking to have my yard serviced again?????

Submitted by Tammy Schilling from Carthage, Mo.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.