Terminix Loses Effort to Stop 20+ Depositions

Lawyers for Terminix International have appealed to numerous judges and arbitrators to try and stop a week-long round of depositions set in Mobile, Alabama for next week. A team of four lawyers, paralegals and office assistants have been working overtime to prepare for the interrogation of these knowledgeable witnesses. The depositions of current and former Terminix managers and technicians will be used in numerous cases Campbell Law PC is prosecuting against Terminix.

Twenty years ago, Terminix sold additional treatments to protect against the terrifying damages caused by Formosan termites. The termites were spreading and would end up consuming a significant amount of homes along the Coastal Gulf of Mexico. Terminix advertised that responsible families should have additional treatments performed to prevent infestation of these Formosson termites. However, Terminix concealed the fact that “Formosan termite treatments” use the same chemicals in the same manner for control as due regular subterranean termites.

It was also found in the deposition of its former Vice President of Service, Fred Strickland that Terminix had never identified and fixed non-existent, incomplete or worn-off treatments along the Gulf Coast or anywhere else in the country. These Termite treatments that follow government regulations must be replaced when they wear off. Otherwise homes are left exposed to both Formosan and regular subterranean termites. So instead of helping paying customers along the Gulf Coast, they left them unaware and in harm’s way.

Campbell Law PC has numerous cases set for trial in the next few months against Terminix from Ohio to Arkansas to the Gulf Coast involving these company-wide practices. If you think that you have been cheated by Terminix, we want to be reached out to.

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