Terminix Allows $300,000 of Damage “Slip By” at this Expensive Home

For 25 years, the owners of a very expensive home in Birmingham, Alabama thought they were protected from termites. They had purchased a Terminix Repair Policy. Yet, when termites damaged their home, Terminix refused to pay.

The image below shows the area of the house that was damaged. Homes that were built on a crawlspace are held-up primarily by double or triple floor joists known as girders that carry the majority of the structural load. A reasonable crawlspace inspection involves looking between each of the boards that make up these girders with a high-powered flashlight.


When signs of damage were found by the homeowner, Terminix sent qualified folks to this home to “handle” the claim. Yet Terminix did not “find” any evidence. This meant they either did not search hard enough or found it and tried to cover up the damage from their client.

Who finally discovered and reported the extent of the extensive damage to the homeowner? A lawyer at Campbell Law PC who inspected the house. Someone at Terminix majorly dropped the ball. By refusing to admit it and provide for the repairs due under the contractual obligation, they choose to defend against a lawsuit instead. Lucky for the homeowner this photo and other evidence will persuade an arbitrator that Terminix should have discovered and reported this evidence to their customer of 25 years.

Crawling through attics and basements and crawl spaces to locate evidence of infestation and damage is par for the course at Campbell Law PC. Don’t worry about calling us if your claim seems small because it could help you avoid a tragic mistake.

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