Terminix Ordered to Pay Victim a Million Dollars, Refuses to Pay

Arbitrator Kenneth O. Simon, a retired Circuit Court Judge, ordered Terminix to pay $1,020,000 for intentional pattern of fraud, plus additional costs incurred for private arbitration, to the plaintiff’s of a lawsuit against them. Terminix contended that they had already paid to repair most of the damages and should not have to pay the total sum of the judgement. The deadline of payment before 30 days of the arbitrator’s award has passed: Terminix still hasn’t paid.

The plaintiff’s Mountain Brook, Alabama home had been extensively damaged by an active termite infestation. The home had a Terminix repair policy but Terminix didn’t believe they were obligated to cover the damage. That’s when the client was forced to sue Terminix through arbitration.

The defendant gambled that lawsuits would not go to trial if they could make the only option available for restitution private arbitrations, which the cost of is $40,000. They lost the gamble and are now required to pay the plaintiff the sum of the judgement, yet they refuse.

Most people pay their debts, especially when ordered to do so by a judge. Terminix International appears to think differently, they will neither pay or say why. It’s not because they lack the ability to pay; Terminix has revenue of 1.2 billion dollars a year. Most likely it is to send a message; that other victims of the same kind of fraud will have to not only have to fight in a long and expensive legal trial and afterwards fight even harder to receive the monetary damages if awarded.

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