No Show Terminix!

We are pretty new, have been customers maybe two months or so. Terminix has already failed to show up to appointments FOUR times. Sometimes when I call customer support, the automated voice greets me and informs me of some random appointment at a date and time I definitely did not schedule. They never show up anyway so no big deal I guess!!! They also will sometimes offer a call back when hold times are long, but sometimes (more often than not) they will keep you on hold for an hour and a half before the recording says “our systems are currently unable to process you call” and then the call disconnects. On top of that, of all the times the actually they don’t seem to be doing much of anything that is effective. They used five different things the first time, took them almost two hours, and each following time that they actually showed up (rare) they only took about fifteen minutes. Our pest problem got a little better after the first visit but has started getting worse again ever since. They are not doing everything that they did the first time, when they even show up. But for them most part, they WILL NOT COME to your home, they WILL NOT SHOW UP, and you CANNOT CONTACT THEM. Its like smoking cigarettes, no matter what you do just don’t ever take that first drag because after that there is no way out. Go with a different company for sure. Will end up seeking legal help if I can’t get refunded.

Submitted by Esther Brueggemann from Columbus

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.