One Terminix Customer Suspects the Truth About Bait Stations

My mother purchased a home that had 27 Terminix “bait stations” around the perimeter. We attempted several times to have Terminix come to the property, inspect, and transfer the contract from the former owner. Terminix simply sent a Pest Control salesman to sell her interior treatment. During re-modeling of the home, we found termite damage. I contacted Terminix again and was directed to the Local Branch Manager. He referred me to the Termite Manager, Mr. Bill Parker. Mr. Parker met me (and the former property owner) at the property and promised he would file a “claim”. and also have a tech come and inspect the bait stations. Mr. Parker has not returned my calls and I have heard nothing from Terminix. My mother gave up and contracted with another company, but I would like Terminix to come and remove the 27 bait stations. My research indicates that all the bait stations are doing is ATTRACTING termites. I believe the “bait station” idea was a failure, and that Terminix is not returning my calls because they know it too. Sad situation. I actually worked for Terminix’s parent company for 12 years and am very disappointed with this situation.

Submitted by P from Memphis, TN

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.