Intimidation at Local Branch Forces Terminix Employee to Resign

Intimidation at Local Branch Forces

Terminix Employee to Resign!

A Terminix employee received no support when he tried to report unethical behavior.

[PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania] Another complaint was registered by a former Pennsylvania Terminix employee. Today, Jessan Jeffries reports that he was forced to resign after the actions of Dan Staab, the Termite Services Manger at his branch, made Mr. Jeffries’s work life a nightmare.

Jeffries reports to Terminix Complaints:

“I was forced to resign my position because I spoke up about the unethical treatment of customers as well as unethical treatment of employees including myself in our branch. Retaliation techniques were used by Dan Staab that directly endangered my life. Human Resources closed the case and said they couldn’t protect me from him. HR suggested I transfer to a different branch location or service master company. None of the positions available were comparable to my position, and I was forced to resign during a pandemic in fear of what my supervisor would do next.”

These are the kinds of stories we hate to receive here at Terminix Complaints, but we get them way too often. The company does not want to hear about or address ethical issues going on within their own branches or at customer service sites.

Are you a current or former Terminix employee who has a story to tell? We want to listen. You can reach out to us here at Terminix Complaints.


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