Like a rat from a sinking ship, I jumped from the Las Vegas branch a little over two years ago. I am almost astonished to see that the problems we were having were not isolated to my branch. In short, the Las Vegas Office:

  • Preferred to hire people with little-to-NO experience
  • Was run by a branch manager that had NO experience in pest control.  This led to micromanagement and poor service for customers.
  • Sales people were in charge of answering phones during business hours, resulting in techs not getting messages and ticked customers (“Yeah, I’ll have a tech call you…” click.)
  • Techs lied to about effective treatment methods and chemical availability. Example: You can’t guarantee scorpions. LIE!!!…WITH THE PROPER PRODUCTS YOU CAN!!!
  • If the company did not want to spend the money on the product, we would be told it was outlawed.
  • If you paid a year in advance and cancel, good luck getting your money back. That’s straight from the branch manager.
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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.