I must not use my name and address, but I hope you post this. I was a former manager for Terminix and was lured to work for them by the statement “To honor God in all we do.”  I am a Christian, and it is hard to find a place to work for a company that you can be proud of; but when a company makes that type of statement, you think this could work.  Reality was a company full of “Good Old Boys” only interested in money.  Full of racism with only token blacks working there.  No concern for the customer or its employees and families.  When you have to travel on holidays, even Valentine’s Day, I have a hard time respecting that.

Sentricon goes much deeper than just Terminix. Dow and many others have a hand in the harassment.  Overcharging goes to pay a lot of palms.  I have not been at Terminix for three years now and have since started my own company. I left with no customer lists or other resources and vowed to do business the way customers want it.  Again, I hope you post this and understand  not using my name. You know how much they “Hassle” over $30 a month, imagine which most of you can, the “hassle” a former employee gets.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.