I was an employee of Terminix for five years. My problem started when I was trying to transfer from Indiana to Florida to be with my girlfriend.  My branch manager told me I could not transfer unless he approved it, and I had to stay for another month in Indiana so they could get someone hired and trained to take over my route. So against my better judgment, I stayed.  Only to be told by my new branch manager to give them a two-week notice, and he would help me transfer. I did so.  He then went with my branch manager from Indiana and said to stay for one more month, then come down to Florida.  I worked at the Florida location for two months and got a call that my grandmother was not in good health and was not expected to make it through the week.  I told my supervisor of the situation back home.  He told me to go home, take care of what needed to be done, be with my family, and contact him when I get back home. I went to Indiana for a week.  My grandmother passed away the week I was there.

After the funeral, I returned to Florida to find out I didn’t have a job.  They said I failed to contact them and let them know what was going on with me in Indiana. My question is how stupid do you have to be to know what’s going on?  I went home for a family emergency; and the last thing on my mind was contact Terminix when they knew the reason I went to Indiana. Then to return home and be told I failed to communicate with them.  I did as my supervisor told me to do — go home, be with your family, and come back to work after everything is over with your Grandma. That’s what I did, and now I’m unemployed.

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