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I recently resigned from Terminix after only seven months of employment with them.  I have spent the last 14 years in the pest control industry and, unfortunately, made the mistake of joining Terminix after coming out of a “semi-retirement.” It really is a shame that Terminix gets away with what it does; particularly, the Annual Reinspection Program. With “upper management” yelling to get these annual reinspections completed, which is part of the contractural guarantee that customers pay for, local branch management does anything it can to “make it happen.”  As a sales manager, I had a select group of sales/inspectors who would complete a number of these every month, but nowhere near the total number of inspections that were due. Branch management’s solution to this problem was easy! Just sit down at a computer, pull up the list of customers who were due an inspection that month, and “type away”… enter that inspection as being completed — with no regards for actually completing the inspections and giving the customers the service they paid for, are entitled to, and agreed to under their contract.  So, the “numbers” look good, regional-level management gets off the back of the local branch management, divisional management gets off the backs of regional management because now these inspections are “completed”… and on it goes up the corporate ladder. Of course, the only “loser” here is the customer! But who cares? The numbers look good. But, what do you tell a customer when they call after getting a questionnaire in the mail from Corporate in Memphis asking, “How was the quality of your recent inspection?” and they call and say, “Heck, I haven’t received my annual reinspection in years!” What do you tell these folks?  Well, some fancy dancing around the issue and then scheduling it will take care of it!  So, I guess the customers who call get it done.  The others? Who cares? And, of course, if you want to discuss the sham of the Sentricon Service Program, well we could write a book about that!

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