I am soon to be an “ex-employee” of Terminix and will be sending you an e-mail within a month or so. I will also be open for any questions about what I’ve seen there.  If you didn’t hear, the latest thing Terminix is doing is a thing called TIPS, which consists of inspecting your house; and IF no termite activity is seen and only two spots of “old damage” is noted, then they will sell you the guarantee against future damage and infestations without even treating the home with chemicals or installing bait stations.  They will repair all “new damage” done after the contract starts unless that damage was “hidden” in an unaccessible place and shown to be “old damage.”

Terminix has started (last year in 2006) using Advance instead of Sentricon, which IS a better station, BUT … they promised many of the customers ACTIVE chemicals instead of “just a piece of wood.” Well, the word came down two weeks ago that we are NOT to put the active ingredient into the station this year unless activity is noticed. Instead, we are to put a capsule with just some flavoring into the stations because this is cheaper than the active ingredient.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.