Wow, I worked for Terminix, role played for days the sales pitch.  What a rotten company.  Here I was taught to lie to the customer, ruthlessly lie to elderly, to the person who couldn’t make the mortgage.  This is the sales pitch:  “Hello, Mrs. Smith, we spoke last night.  I’m here to do your pest inspection as well as termite inspection. Today I’ll be going around the outside of your home and later I’ll get inside in your basement. You’re welcome to come along with me if you’d like,” (as I’d motion with a wave inviting her). At the end, I’d check off everything, make it look like a mess, and tell them I see a lot of conducive conditions, scare them about their #1 investment, your home, and you couldn’t afford $2,000? Let me call my boss. Oh, you can’t afford $1700, let me call him back, I’d hate to see your #1 investment go. Okay, Mrs. Smith, we can do it for $1200 today. Oh, you still can’t afford that? I don’t feel right leaving your home.  I’ll put the Sentricon system in your yard, oh no, free of charge! and come back in 2 weeks.  The termites were attracted to these systems, cause termites are out in the woods. I’d pull out the system and show them termites in their face to scare them, and we’d get the customer that way.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.