Ocala, Florida

Wow, after reading all the other complaints posted, it has eased my mind a little.  I always thought it was only happening in Ocala, FL.  I worked almost six treacherous months in the Ocala branch. The treatment to the employee and to the customers is absolutely horrible.  If you have overtime on your time card, they have you cross through it and initial. They make up false reports for termite inspections and charge pest customers for services they never received. They let management treat co workers as if they are trash and have no regard for them. I can’t remember one day that was good at Terminix. I went to upper management, who said ” I knew this was coming.”  After speaking with the branch manager, he wanted to know what I wanted to do. I said I just want to leave and not come back.  His response to me was, so you are going to let her conquer you??? Then stated he didn’t want me to quit that he could fix it all.  After six days nothing was done, so I left a note and never returned.  You know it is sad when sales people are bragging that someone has termites because they missed the area on an initial inspection, and because the people didn’t renew their policy had to pay large amounts of money for repair, and then get a new policy with Terminix. They report to credit agencies against people who fell behind, even when there are notes where people have cancelled their service, but because the tech was never notified the people are supposedly being serviced then get smacked with a bill.  Terminix wants you to call at least 45 people per day and leave nasty messages with whoever answers the phone or leave it on a machine. They even have you calling people at work and harrassing them. How can anyone feel comfortable making these calls and being so rude to someone? They have you clocking other people in and out for lunch and if someone calls in before they have 30 minutes up for lunch they won’t let you clock them in, doesn’t matter if the person is working or not. They have employees working through their lunch but make sure you are clocked out. They have you taking work home with you if not completed at the office. They even give you the answers to the test to get your WDO inspectors license. I don’t think I would know a termite if it walked up to me with my house in its mouth, but I have a WDO license, pretty funny. I am so HAPPY to be AWAY from that place and those people!  It is hard to believe unless you are working in it. I had seen such turnover in the short time that I worked there.  Retention isn’t important to this company.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.