Last March, I had to put a drain along side my house to keep water from entering my home on rainy days. Dirt had to be moved, which disturbed the chemical barrier.  I informed Terminix about this change to my property. Since then, I have battled Terminix to have the framing around my front door replaced due to termite damage. Terminix chemically treated this area five times since ‘97 in which the termites returned every year. Even though termites were swarming from above the door, Terminix’s stand was that there was no damage to repair or replace. After six months, I finally prevailed and the area damaged was entirely replaced with new materials, about $1500 worth of repair. Yesterday, I received a letter from the branch manager stating because I installed a drain, Terminix will not be able to chemically retreat that area because the chemical will wash away. This letter arrived six months after initially informing them of the drain being installed.  I was told the only option is to install the baiting system for $2,300.  This is only for 210 linear feet. The price is double what other companies quoted me in the past and three times more than what Terminix quoted me a year or two ago.  My plan has been canceled until I make my decision. It is obvious that because I pushed to have damage repaired, the company is trying to force me to choose another company to do business with.  With the struggles I have had with Terminix, I am planning on doing business with someone else anyway. I plan on writing the branch manager to have the three remaining months of my contract refunded and to express my objection to their shady business tactics.  I am going to forward a copy of this letter to local consumer protection agencies, the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, the State Department of Agriculture, the Better Business Bureau, and the CEO for Terminix International.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.