We have had swarmers for a few years now.  We immediately paid a couple thousand dollars to an awesomely good Terminix sales guy.  They planted these stations with wood in them around the house.  We rarely see them check the stations, but they swear that they come and look at them.  I know we have termites.  I see the trails of dirt on walls.  I had a few trails go up the side of my hot water heater.  After many, many calls trying to get someone out here, I actually showed them to a technician.  He said “yep, you got termites”…then he disappeared never to be heard  from again. That actually happened twice now.  Now that brings us to the current date, June 10, 2005. I have them chewing through the ceiling of the living room.  They are making small visible pockets of dirt on the ceiling.  If you pinch off one of the dirt spots, then you see little white termites wiggling around.  The living room!  Where people sit and watch TV.  Sometimes the dirt spot breaks away and falls down revealing the tiny chewed hole in the ceiling. In-freak’in-credible!  That this company is even allowed to exist.  I called the local office, but it’s after normal business hours. I’m in Connecticut. Mississippi picks up the phone.  They have no off hours emergency contact for our local office.  They told me “I’m sorry bugs are dropping on your head, but we’ll leave a  message for the manager at your local office.”  No emergency response!  What?!?  I’m so upset that I better stop now.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.