The nature of my complaint is in regards to deceitful sales tactics employed by a Terminix representative. During the course of my consultation with a Terminix representative, he made the following claims:

  1. A certain major real estate company required Terminix to be the pest treatment company for all transactions.  If the property had been treated by another company, treatment by Terminix would be a precondition of sale at the seller’s expense.
  2. If treatment were done by any other company and I sold the property, I’d be fiscally responsible for any future termite damage to the property for an indefinite term.
  3. Any other company would use substandard treatment methods and/or media and the treatment would be unsuccessful, requiring me to call Terminix at that point.

The “salesman” also tried to get me to sign a contract without proper time to review the afore mention assertions.  This led me to believe that it was a “one-time-only” type of transaction, reminiscent of used-car sales. Upon even cursory review of these points, I was able to prove that what he described was untrue, even illegal, and presented with intent to deceive.  I don’t intend to do business with Terminix at any point in the future.

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