Cincinnati, Ohio

I was tricked by a salesman for Terminix in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Salesman inspected my house, I already had found termite damage, he offered me one of two plans — bait trap plan or liquid barrier plan.  I chose the liquid barrier; and when he tried to talk me in to the bait plan, I insisted on the liquid plan. He said it would cost $1,100.  I said that is high, but that is what I wanted.  He wrote up the contract; while doing so he said he would give me both plans for $1,500.  I told him if he wanted to “throw” in the bait plan with the liquid I guessed it was o.k., but I only wanted the liquid. Even though his contract (and the state of Ohio) had a 3-day “cooling-off period,” a serviceman was here to put in the termite protection within 1 1/2 hours.  The serviceman drilled holes in the ground and put bait traps there, then drilled through the concrete front porch and back porch, and squirted a liquid down the holes then patched them.  No liquid was put around the rest of the foundation.  I asked the serviceman when he was going to treat the rest of the house, he said that was all he was to do.  I asked if he wasn’t supposed to put down the liquid treatment; he said NO. Seems the salesman was trying to do a “bait-and-switch” trick. By calling the office manager, I found out the cost, which I never was told (probably because I did not want it) of the bait trap treatment  was $1,500; and the cost of the liquid treatment was $8.00 a linear foot. I have a small house, 24 ft by 26 ft 6 inches; the manager made the figures 30 x  30 and figured the charge with tax less 10 percent seniors discount and arrived at the amount of $924.48.  Another Terminix rip-off.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.