Odessa, Texas

My situation is an almost exact copy of  yours.  In short, I had a termite contract for 10 yrs with Terminix w/multiple infestations and useless treatments for carpenter ants and  termites. We have been out of our home since July 2005, due to it being structurally unsound as our bedroom ceiling caved in on our bed during a treatment. Our house had live termites in several areas of the house which Terminix acknowledges but refuses to pay for the damages or any of our expenses for having to move out.  Their tactic is to stall, intimidation, and try to force our hand by keeping us out of our home as long as possible to try keeping us desperate.  I also have record of their violations in my case and this is supported by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board’s Report of which I have a copy.  My case is a little different in that I have started repairing everything myself so far to the tune of $56,000 and have secured the additional financing with the help of my parents putting their house up for collateral.  My damages will amount to $127,000 not  including all expenses for having to manage two households.  I have an attorney and intend to take this all the way to court or arbitration as I am not afraid of either.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.