I am not at all happy with Terminex and the service we rec’d this week.  The technician came to our home and I showed him where all the visible ants were. Prior to Terminex coming to my home, I called on Monday to inquire about using this service for house ants in our newly purchased home.  I moved from Meadows At Cascade Park so I asked the management who they used and they told me Terminex.  I then called and spoke with appropriate personnel regarding my four year old’s condition in which he had a brain tumor removed, and is currently being treated with chemo and radiation for the cancer. I wanted to make sure beyond any doubt that using Terminex would not be a problem and Terminex assured me it would be fine and they care for Doernbecher. I am currently awaiting information as to how the 10th Floor unit caring for cancer children is taken care of, ie spraying, baiting, nothing, etc. Today, two days after the only visit from Terminex, I was continually battling ants in my son’s room, the same room I showed the technician, after a run around on the phone, being told that we would have to wait 14 days for Terminex to come back and treat Robert’s room or Terminex would be in trouble, law, etc, I asked if it was treated at all because there is a swarm of ants now in this room. I was told by Casandra that the technician treated everything that had to be treated. I inquired further as to where in Robert’s room was it treated. I then finally get an answer that the technician was uncomfortable with treating Roberts room due to cancer. I WAS NEVER INFORMED EITHER WAY PRIOR TO MY CALL TWO DAYS LATER!!!  This service by all there is horrible!  I was then immediately given a manager and he told me the technician would come back and use bait.  So my fears as a mother with a child with cancer is why can he not just use what was used throughout the house when in fact Robert moved about in those same areas and was moving when the technician was here on Tuesday.  I paid $360 which is a lot of money for some contract and I have been treated ridiculously.  I do not feel confident at this point to use Terminex due to all that transpired and was said, what was done and not done by Terminex.  I feel I am getting a run around, having the entire issue candy-coated by Terminex management in Portland to cover their own inconsistencies, etc. How were the ants supposed to be eliminated when the technician never treated Robert’s room that was a definite problem Tuesday and then escalated by Thursday.  Furthermore, another inconsistency is being told by Ryan that he would return in a week if there were still ants, and Casandra telling me we had to wait two weeks for anyone to return. Again, this service was awful!!  I even spoke with the American Cancer Society and she was concerned with all that transpired and should seek legal action.  I am sure I won’t go that far, but when I told the manager I intended to cancel the check, he told me I couldn’t because of the contract.  At any rate, another supervisor said he would cancel it himself. The check has been canceled and I have no intention of using Terminex again. I am still awaiting word from Doernbecher as to how the units and the rooms the cancer patients use are treated, if at all directly.

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