My dog began barking on my upper deck so I walked out and saw a young man tearing my grass up about 8′ around the green in -ground termite traps installed by the builder. Apparently they come with the house though I was never verbally told this when I bought the house new in 2018. So a year after I lived here, I was sent a bill for $265.00 for “termite inspection and refill of the fluid in the traps. There are about 7-8 around the house about 4-7ft away. Like a dope I paid them. After doing research I found the termite inspections are only needed every 5 years or so, (we have a slab foundation) so even less.
This year I received another bill which I ignored with my new found knowledge. Today they showed up and as I stated above, went ahead and started (he said “checking” the traps.) I said I did not request the service and he said “we have to check it anyway” I commented on what he did to the lawn and told him to leave. He slammed my gate on the way out and said “have a nice day>. BTW my yard is fenced and he did not alert me he was entering my yard. I called and complained. Kati was nice but said I needed to “cancel” my service and they would take the units out. I said NO and if they did there would be hell to pay for leaving patches of dirt in my well cared for lawn. This is a true SCAM. Don’t use these people!

Submitted by Steve Hewitt from Murrells Inlet

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.