My property contains two structures, one house and one unattached garage apartment. Terminix came out, inspected both structures and gave me instructions to bring the two structures up to approval in order to be treated and obtain a termite bond. I hired and paid a building contractor to do all the necessary work to both structures. I called Terminix and told them the work had been done, they came out and treated and I signed off on the papers. They sent me documents showing only that one structure had been treated. I called them and they said, more or less, it’s a done deal which leaves me with one structure, the garage apartment, not covered under the bond. Do I have grounds against them and a chance of winning a case against them to treat the other structure and add it to the existing bond? The only witness I have is the contractor who did the work on both structures so they could be treated.

Submitted by Joy from Mobile, AL

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