Ok ugh I’m still upset ok on june29-2020 I had gotten online I have a bad Roach problem ok I live in a apartment my landlord want help to fix my problem so do my info for terminix online then I call a Roxanne sales rep is who I’m speaking to I tell her the full story I live in apartment and my landlord want fix the problem with the roaches it’s only four apartments in my building ok Roxanne sales rep is like ok we can help she tells me I see where you did your information on line she gave me the 50 dollars discount ok she tells me for them to come out it would cost 189 I told her I need to speak with my husband on the amount price and I would get back in contact with her she gave me her direct number ok I call back Tuesday june30 2020 time ten o’clock spoke with the same lady I had already asked many times if it still was ok to get this with out the landlord approval she said yes just like on Monday when I asked ok I tell her I’m ready get there services ok she takes my card info she tells me I’m going to send to your email info on what you need to do to get ready for them to come out the following day july 1,2020 ok me and my husband paid someone to help to move things out of are apartment and kitchen to are porch we doing all this on Tuesday ok this morning wed July first we up the tech gone be here at five ok around eight o’clock I get a phone call from are terminix here in Florida the lady Linda says the can’t come out because the landlord is the one that has to approve them coming out What I say to her why did this woman Roxanne didn’t tell me that and took my money and to top that off I got all my stuff on the porch apartment looking like we getting ready to move so ok I call the 1800 number to terminix speak with a Ashley ok I tell her the problem in her voice you could tell she didn’t give a damn ok I tell her I want my money back and something done to this sales rep Roxanne because the rep had statedshe had been working for the company for many of years I tell this to Ashley and how is it that this rep would take my money and knew that the property wasn’t mine I was just a tenant ok Ashley still like she don’t care she tells me we are giving your money back I know you are but I want something done to this woman Roxanne and she lets me know I’m doing a report on Roxanne about this Ashley says she should have knew that the couldn’t come out with out the approval i don’t like being lied to and I thought this Ashley woman probably ain’t going to do no report but i had to tell my story

Submitted by Shonda from Tampa, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.