If someone asked me to describe Terminix, I would say this entire company is filled with Dishonest, Unethical, Incompetent individuals, that never hold themselves accountable for errors made on their end. So-called “Leadership” and/or “Management,” is an absolute joke.

Before I received an offer of employment with this place, I was on the fence, trying to decide whether or not I should keep my options open, and interview with 2 other well known companies that expressed interest in me (I was confident about both), or accept the Sr. CSR position with Terminix if, or when they offered it. It was like having 3 doors in front of me, and trying to guess which one had the best prize. Unfortunately, I chose to open the door containing nothing more than an illusion of a promising job opportunity, with attainable goals and growth potential. Turns out, the joke was on me.

Had I taken the time to Google, and thoroughly research Current and Former Terminix Employee, and Customer reviews beforehand, I would’ve said, “Thanks, but no thanks”, after they called to welcome me aboard their sinking ship. However, I was desperate to part ways with my previous employer, and didn’t want to continue interviewing, and waiting to hear back from someone else. Now I’ve realized, the quickest and easiest jobs to get, are definitely not the best! Even when it’s a big name, that’s been around for years. Under normal circumstances, $15.00 hourly would be a great salary, but not in this particular case.

I’ve been told Terminix is a Christian organization, but I find that very hard to believe. Businesses that truly honor the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, do not overcharge their customers for services that haven’t been rendered, and allow their workers (Technicians) to get away with missing and/or cancelling appointments, without keeping customers informed after they’ve wasted their entire day waiting for them to show up, as scheduled and promised. Also, allowing Techs to pull up in front of customer’s homes, get out of the truck, and place notices on doors saying services were completed, simply walk away and drive off….

Not to mention, many customers have been loyal since the 70s, 80s and 90s (GO FIGURE), and also complain that their issues with bugs and rodents either never go away, or worsen after Terminix has “Treated” their homes. Online, there is an entire website dedicated to Terminix Complaints. A former Technician, actually admitted to spraying PLAIN WATER to “Treat” pests with, because products had not been ordered!!

Yet, Terminix is still in business, and somehow, getting away with such behavior/practices.

Terminix has purposely created very hostile and extremely dissatisfied consumers, that actually have the power to ban together, and bring the organization to a screeching halt, but for some strange reason, they won’t. Instead, they make it their duty to call, guess who? That’s right, CUSTOMER SERVICE! Just so they can vent, and release every morsel of their anger on those of us who are only trying to earn an honest living, while working for an awful company.

I was hired into a class of 60 people to work remotely due to Covid19. We were the first class to be “Trained” from home. It was 5 weeks of Virtual “Training”, that consisted of constant system issues between myself, other classmates, and “Trainers”, alike. The class was rushed, and I emphasize RUSHED, to complete Modules, watch company Videos, complete 3 “Phase Packets”, and “Skill Checks” that were suppose to prepare us to take calls by week 2 of, “Training”.

They built us up to be “Rock Stars”, hoping they could brainwash everyone into believing we had all of the necessary tools and knowledge we needed, while trying to make themselves look good as, “Trainers”. Then, they threw is to the wolves, with minimal support in our Group Chats. About 15 people ended up quitting before “Training” was over. Maybe more since then. The entire process was poorly orchestrated, and created nothing but stress and confusion for everyone involved.

The calls were back to back, with no time in between to take a breath and gather yourself, before and after a nasty, hateful, unreasonable customer had been yelling and cursing at you, and attacking your character, without even taking into consideration that you didn’t cause their problem. Even after you’ve managed to satisfy them, which is rare, they still continue to hold you captive in the line, so they can rant on and on about how terrible Terminix treats their customers, expecting you to have the authority to change the company’s unorthodox ways! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

To add insult to injury, Supervisors constantly force CSR’s to offer CTVs, aka Creative Leads (Free Inspections), to the same customers the company has infuriated, and Re-sell the value of the Sales Agreements, when a customer wants to cancel due to high renewal prices they refuse to pay, all because of the bad service they receive! On top of that, there’s an obligation to Cross Sell additional products/services.

When I was interviewed, I was told I wouldn’t have to worry about anything in regards to Sales, because the “Sales Department” generates the company’s revenue. That was a huge LIE! While the CSRs are doing all of the selling, re-selling and generating leads, what are the Sales People actually hired to do?

Then, there is extreme pressure placed on employees to meet Metrics, that are pretty close to impossible. Considering the fact that we had to keep placing customers on hold because we couldn’t find the answers, or get questions answered in a timely manner from our “Support” in Group/Team chat, because everyone had complex calls at the same time. Still, we had to maintain a Low Hold Time…..

Also, we were warned about using After Call. For one thing, this company continues to use DOS, which makes it difficult to quickly notate accounts when you have to press F1, F2, F3, F10 to back out, etc., just to perform the simplest actions. With all of the money they TAKE from customers, I would assume Terminix would be able to invest in modern systems that run smoothly, and help employees to serve customers more efficiently, versus providing systems that constantly kick us out while we’re on a call, or worse yet, making it impossible to record punches so we don’t have to rely on our “Supervisor” to correct time sheets each week, before the next pay period begins.

FYI Terminix, the year is 2020, not 1980. We’re talking about a 40 year difference. Technology has come a long way since then…..

They have a bad habit of trying to blame their faulty systems on employees. They will readily claim our internet speed is too slow, and we need to call our provider. Well, if that were true, everyone wouldn’t be reporting the same system outages in chat, and having to constantly reboot their PC’s, unplug and plug their headsets back in every single day, now would they?

When I finally realized I could no longer contend with all of the chaos, and stress that came with being employed at this circus called Terminix, I emailed my so-called “Supervisor” (Marcus Blake) to let him know I was resigning, and why. He acknowledged my resignation and told me he notified “Leadership”, and would let me know when the IT worker would be in the office so I could return the equipment, and said if I needed anything in the meantime, to let him know.

Well, in the resignation email, I sent him a screen shot of my time sheet, informing him of the punches that never went through, and what needed to be corrected. Since he failed to address it, I sent him a 2nd email, asking him if he had the chance to fix it, and whether or not my final pay check would be Direct Deposit. He never responded. Mind you, I was still waiting to hear back from him in regards to when I could return the equipment.

I sent him a 3rd email, and still received no response. So, it dawned on me that this lazy, weak, worthless, unprofessional, candy a** excuse for a “Supervisor”, decided to completely disregard me. How low can you get?

Feeling anxious about the final fruits of my labor not being recorded properly, and fearing they would pull a fast one, and try to penalize me for holding on to their equipment, I found myself jumping through hoops, trying to get in touch with “Leadership”, just so I could find out about my pay, and get their equipment back to them.

I FINALLY got through to someone who did address my concerns, with no real apology given for the unprofessional behavior I had to contend with. I received the correct amount of pay via Direct Deposit, and I was able to take their equipment back to the office, and wash my hands of this no good company.

The funny thing is, I actually thought I made a hasty decision after resigning, and wanted them to consider taking me back, lol! In that moment, I panicked and briefly lost my ability to think sensibly. Let’s face it, times are difficult and money is needed.

Now, I realize I was right the first time, and no amount of money is worth dealing with that magnitude of stress, at the hands of such a cold, unorganized, and dishonest organization that only cares about $$Money$$.

Service Master had the audacity to send me an Exit email, asking for my Feedback as a former employee. I wasted no time deleting it. At this point, I would never in this lifetime or any other, want to work for them again. Terminix has very high turn over for so many reasons…..

Submitted by P from Tampa, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.