Recently had my roof replaced. Roofer informed me of termite damage saying he would have to replace damaged wood. I contacted Terminix who sent a rep William Brieva to my house days after calling. I explained having insurance contract with Terminix for many years and wanted some compensation for the termite damage. After roof installation I was forwarded to district rep. Ronny Chica who basically told me there was nothing Terminix could do because damaged wood was not saved. I informed Mr Chica the roofing company explained it was recent damage within a year or so, said they’ve replace hundreds of roofs in Miami over the years and know types of wood damage and generally when it happened. I called Terminix to send rep to inspect before bad wood was replaced and tar paper was installed, but was told it would be a couple days. Roofing company said they could not wait and took pictures which they forwarded to me.
I feel this is a blow-off of a long time customer who has spent thousands of dollars for termite insurance over the years. My contract renewal is now due, if not contacted I will cancel with terminix and contract with either Truely Nolen or Orkin if my issue is not satisfied.

Submitted by George Lauder from Miami, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.