Well… our story is two-fold…Bought a house about 1 year ago. Terminix solicited us to get their services. We need general protection from the typical pests. We bought into the “exclusion” protection as well. We noticed some evidence of rodent droppings. The came out and sprayed and put these little stainless steel wool pads into the weep holes of the house. Sadly, the technician placed ONLY 2 mouse traps in attic. It appears, as if, we were charged an exorbitant amount of money for pieces of steel wool and 2 mouse traps!.. Oh … to be fair, there are four(4) glue traps. Two in attic and two in garage.
ANOTHER concern which has arisen; we have a contract with Terminix which is in its infancy. We are up to date on payments so there is no reason to be treated the way we have been up to this point.
We had to cancel an appt recently. The technician, Shaquille Reed, told me via text that I must contact customer service because he is too busy the remainder of the month or so not having time to finish a job. He come to the residence to remove a few bees’ nests and spray “Bifen” on the exterior of home. Quite frankly, I can purchase this chemical for $30-$45 and apply myself. We pay too much for services as it is, nearly $120 per quarter. We were promised it would be less and we are now being treated like we are the pests! The customer service department said it would be about $89 and the account manager was not too thrilled about the Customer Service department doing that for me. That I should go through him.
Appt was scheduled for Saturday, May 9th and we had to cancel due to unexpected family emergency. I called this morning, May 11th and was not treated to nicely.
A survey/ questionaire was sent to our cell that the work was completed but they never showed up. We called customer service number; no answer just ringing on hold!

Submitted by ART from HOUSTON TEXAS

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.