Initially I was very excited for this service. But once they were done and left I started finding damage around my home that they caused. They decided in the long run they would not be taking responsibility for the damages they caused to my home—period— A person did come back the next day and took my boxes out of the attic and put them on the ground for me that they very rudely sprayed all that so called insulation all over! My stored stuff in the attic all ruined! I had important papers stored up there. They sprayed all over all of them instead of taking them down out of the attic before they did their thing! Pretty bad and unprofessional. They initially said it would take 3 days to do this work but forced themselves to do it all in ONE day! They left a HUGE mess that I had to get my son to help me clean up! Also, they stomped in the attic and caused my texture on my kitchen wall to crack from the ceiling to the floor. They have not yet offered to fix this or to reimburse me to fix this. They said we won’t be fixing this or taking responsibility for it! Also, my water heater quit working after they left that day. They apparently fell through my ceiling onto my water heater and it quit working. They tried to cover up what they did and did not tell me. I only figured it out after they left when I went to take a bath and there was NO hot water! I had it checked by the gas company and by a plumber but no one could figure out what they did to the water heater to make it quit working. The plumber did say he could see where they fell through the ceiling onto the water heater and even though they did try to cover it up he found considerable amounts of insulation behind the water heater once it was removed for putting the new one in. They think that the Terminix guys sprayed the “so called” insulation in a way that caused a air flow issue with the water heater. It took nearly two weeks to get the new water heater installed. I had to heat pots of water on my stove to pour into my bathtub to bathe during this time. No apologies from Terminix just excuses! Thank goodness I had American Homeshield to help cover this expense for me! It ended up costing me $75 service fee and a $250 inspection. This is a lot of anguish for me to deal with! If I had known this was going to happen I would have taken a different route on dealing with a rodent issue. Also, the Terminix sales guy told me this new insulation they put in would make my home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer but ever since they took my insulation out and put theirs in my house has been extra cold at night I have had to run my heater MUCH MORE! And now that it’s been warmer I have to run the AC much more! I cant understand it. I wish MY insulation was back in there I’m very afraid of what will happen now when summer hits! My electric bill is probably going to be sky high! I guess I’m going to have to put pink panther insulation up there on top of what they put down now! Very expensive. I have been crying every day since they did this to my house! I’m so upset and I very much feel ripped off! One of the work guys stole a rare Indian penny off the mantle of my fireplace as well. I was keeping that for my grandchildren. The last time I checked it’s value 6 years ago it was worth $900! Gone forever now. The work men also stepped through other areas in my attic and tried to cover it up. They called me a couple weeks ago to ask what a resolution could be. Then they have never called back. When I call them they place me on hold and hang up on me! They said they have a money back guarantee but did not even mention any of this to me AFTER the so called work was done. VERY UPSET CUSTOMER HERE! Sad that companies do this to people now. I’m on disability so they took advantage of a disabled person as well here. Just sad and pathetic.

Submitted by Anne Vitasek from Corsicana Texas

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.