At the end of October 2019, we refinanced our home which required a pest inspection. Terminix arranged for the repairs, but due to a bank error the bill was not paid at closing. I discovered the error and called Terminix to inquire about making payments. I was assured someone would call from the local office “in one or two days”.
After hearing nothing, I called the local office and was told “how important my call was, but that I would have to talk to someone in billing”.
Apparently, my call was not that important because after waiting on hold for solid fifteen minutes with no one in “billing” answering the pending call, I sent an email to “” only to learn my email was not important either because I never received a reply.
I did get a written notice that my account was past due “and my account was at risk of being canceled ” though we have never had any pest service account with Terminix. And I also I received a voice mail from the Terminix local office that the “serviceman had to cancel his visit” although we never had a “visit” scheduled.
In frustration I set up an online account and began making payments. When I made the next to the last payment online, it seemed their system was not recording the payment, so I logged out and logged back in believing their system was down as there was no response from the site confirming a payment was ever made.
The next morning, I discovered on my bank statement that both payments had gone through, though there was still no confirmation of payment on the Terminix site.
I called Terminix to explain, and the employee confirmed a double payment had been made, and told she understood how the error could have happened. She assured me a refund on the second payment would be credited to my account, but it would take 3-5 days. I asked that she confirm via email that the refund would be made. This was confirmed in her email.
When a week passed and there was no credit, I called again and was told refunds were only made twice monthly and was assured the refund would be made.
The refund never was made as promised, which resulted in an overdraft of my checking account and overdraft fees charged by my bank.
It is amazing how Terminix can remain a viable company with such terrible customer service. This is our second and final time doing business with Terminix and both experiences were unsatisfactory with nothing but lies, ignoring promises and lip service.

Submitted by D from Elverta, Ca

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