In the summer of 2019 I had Terminix put a perimeter application to repel carpenter ants, the cost was over $1,400.00. They said it was a life time guarantee. They then recommended that I have a quarterly service at a cost of approx. $500.00 per/yr to get rid of any existing pests. They advised that I could cancel the quarterly service at anytime without it affecting my perimeter application. They had me sign a computer contract on their I-Pad which I could not read (my own fault for trusting them). Well, when I tried to cancel the quarterly I was told that it would void my life time guarantee. What’s even more disturbing is Terminix stated that the quarterly does not protect against carpenter ants. So why do I need it? I was then told by Kathy at the Aurora Il branch office that I have no say so when they do the quarterly, they come out on their terms, not mine. A business that says the customer has no say so is autrocious. When I explained what the service rep told me, the Aurora, Il branch manger Kathy told me she has no control over the reps. I can’t believe that Terminix avoids any responsibility to the custom by simply failing to acknowledging the information of actions of their service reps.
The end deal is this, Terminix deceived me, and now has me handcuffed for life to pay a quarterly fee for which has no impact on the original problem of the carpanter ants. Total trickery and complete slight of hand. I wasted over $1,600.00 by trusting in them. I can’t believe that a national company like this is so deceptive and refuses to acknowledge the actions of their service reps. Be careful when dealing with these people.

Submitted by Jim B from Aurora, Il

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