I am a former employee of Terminix. I am a single mother with 3 kids and I needed a job with more income than my previous job. In late 2019 I interviewed for pest control technician position. I was offered the job on the spot due to having 15 years experience in pest control. I thought it would be great, but in the long run it turned out to be a horrible decision. I was told during the interview process that I would service 10-12 stops per day, but actually was doing 13-15 stops per day. There is absolutely no work/home life balance due to the amount of work they require you to do along with the constant meetings they require you to attend, some of which could be as early as 6:30 am. Um, what part of single mother did they not understand? Since I was on hourly pay and not production my paycheck wasn’t affected near as much as other technicians were. Cancellations of customer accounts(often times not a techs fault) count against your paycheck, missed stops (something else that can’t be helped) affected your paycheck and your suspended accounts (which you are required to call twice a week after hours to collect payment from) counted against your pay as well. There were also other “metrics” which counted against your pay. It’s ALL a numbers game where Terminix is concerned. As long as you get the work done and “Don’t take no for an answer” you were making them happy. If you wanted to be held high in managements eye you serviced every stop regardless of whether or not the customer would be at home. They want you to convince the customer to let you spray outside when they aren’t at home and tell them they are allowed an unlimited amount of free extra services if they need you inside. If a customer tells you they are cancelling service, you as the technician are responsible of “reselling the value of service” to keep that customer from cancelling. (Basically they want you to change your customers mind)
It is a requirement that 3 materials be used at every house and you must take 3 pictures, which was anew one on me. I’d never heard of such in my 15 years doing pest control. Some houses do not require 3 materials when there is no where to use them. The picture thing was a bit ridiculous too, as they want you to come up with catchy sayings for the technician comments on photos. You are required to work in ALL kinds of weather and pictures have to be taken even if it’s raining not to mention you MUST sweep down spider webs, even if it’s an interior pest control only. I could go on and on with everything wrong with this company and everything that I experienced the longest 5 months of my life, but there are other stories on here FULL of the same BS I went through and more. If you are looking for a job and you are a family oriented person, DO NOT APPLY FOR A JOB AT TERMINIX!!

Submitted by L from Byram, MS

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