I hired Terminix in January 2019 to rid my attic of rats. They did an upsell for insulation removal/reinstallment so that they could “find the entry points easier”. They said that I “had” to use their insulation contractor and not hire my own. The fees were exorbitantly higher than if I could hire a company on my own.

Bottom line, their service was inadequate, they failed to cover the heating unit in the attic which damaged the ignitor, and the rat population grew.
I had to hire another contractor to get the job done. They took pictures of the work that Terminix “supposedly” did which was highly substandard and did not resolve the problem.
In the meantime, they have put me in the credit collection agencies because I refused to pay the entire amount for a service that they guaranteed and that they promised to drop part of the charges. I have excellent credit and they stuck a high interest rate on the charges at the outset.
Their billing was all over the map, inconsistent with amounts and due dates.
Hopefully, these people can be held accountable for taking advantage of others.
I am a retired senior citizen with limited income. Note: I had all intentions of paying for the service, but the job was a failure!

Submitted by B from Henderson

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.