I got a job as a pest control tech at the victorville branch in early 2016. I worked there for over a year. Close to a year and a half. During my training they had me ride with a great guy who did his job well and used all the correct poisons. I also rode with another seasoned tech who would show me “loopholes” and things that were frowned upon in the profession such as not using any poison and just spraying water on people’s houses who he didn’t like or agree with, or who made a complaint about him at sometime or another. His name was Corey Thunholm, he recieved numerous awards for being efficient and selling but truthfully he was very crooked. He brought me to a Kmart he serviced and a job you do at the Kmart once a month is check all the mouse traps, well as we went around the store checking over 60 of the traps we find about six mice. Instead of telling the management and doing his job and providing them with the services they pay for he disposed of the mice and never even let them know they had a rodent problem. The same thing happened at a petsmart that he service….probably the reason why they ended up canceling with terminix shortly after that. Another bad seed was my field manager, Shannon Hammond. He was a different kind of toxicity to a professional environment….a few guys there smoke weed Constantly on the job even though their Profession is to drive constantly In a work truck and deal with people on a professional level. They only gave you a urinalysis if you get into an accident or if you are new to the job. However while talking to my colleague he regaled me with a story of how the field manager “Shannon” had helped him out with an accident where he had peed “hot” and would have failed the urinalysis. He said the field manager had told him to tell him if he thought he would fail and he called up the lab and paid off the tech who took the sample to pass it so he wouldn’t get fired. This is where I learned of the secret clique that they had going. So the field manager would grow Marijuana then try to pawn off huge amounts on several employees to try to get them to sell it for him! He personally asked me this on two different occasions and I polite fully declined. This is where I started getting the cold shoulder over time…when he knew I wouldn’t help him sell his weed he was real short with me and angry all the time when I had a question. I couldn’t deal with all the overtime and barely getting a real paycheck for all the work that involved and the extremely toxic environment and horrible leadership so one day I had to call it quits. I’ve Never made a better decision than to leave the victorville branch and would never into a pest control job ever again after that.

Submitted by C from Victorville,CA

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