I am executrix for the estate of a friend who died 08-28-19. She had a loan/ residential exclusion contract with SMAC/Terminix that started in Jan. 2019 for the cost of &1800 including finance. They treated for rats in Jan. but never got rid of them. I tried to close the account after she died as we were selling the house and was told I couldn’t. She signed for future coverage and it couldn’t be canceled even if she was dead and house was being sold. Terminix wouldn’t give me a copy of their contract and SMAC sent one says nothing except how they cover themselves it fraud. I asked them to give me a termite letter for sale and they said there were termites and they would treat for $1400. I called another co. There were no termites and they gave me a letter. I asked them to reduce the loan because of her death and not for filling their part. They said she didn’t do her part to prevent rats. Not true and no one was in the house until it sold . No access to food or anything except a place to live.

Submitted by M from Tucker,Ga.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.