Would never recommend this company in my life!!!! Dishonest & no compliment officer to regulate the employees & lies.
I wanted a one time treatment inside and outside my home with a free touch up. I just moved into the house and wanted to make sure there was a sweep of bugs. Well know and behold the guy came out did his half a effort job and told me he’ll be back in 6 weeks. Not only did he not come back but he signed me up for a contract I did not want. I’m just glad I never gave him a credit card, I paid him cash. But nonetheless I’m getting billed for services I never retrieved & a contract I did not want. Terminix claims they go to my house and treats it which is funny because I have a dog and there’s never a phone call to make sure for a appointment like pest control ensures and there is never a notice on my door or voicemail!! For all I know they haven’t came just as my free touch up never happened. I’ve called 8 times to complain and try to resolve this issue! They do not want to speak to the employee to see what happened (oh and did I mention I found him on Facebook, I guess that was my first mistake!!) Terminix expects me to pay for 1 service they show they did and Cancellation fee. 1. I was promised a free touch up 2. I have to pay to cancel a contract I didn’t sign up for?
It baffles me!! Do the contracts need a signature? Did the guy help himself to a sale and commission on a contract? Fake my signature? Who knows! I know Terminix refuses to even look into what happened.

Submitted by Tamara Saterstad from San Antonio

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.