I am totally unsatisfied with your services ever since my contract was sold to your company.

I have been in dispute with your company about services rendered and although I did not receive the service (I have camera’s on the entire exterior of my home) I was just asking for someone to please return to my home and perform the service so I can pay you.

The service was never performed and I ended up canceling the account. Today February 4th I am still being asked for payment. I just got tired of you asking for payment and I just paid you to avoid ever hearing from you ever again. I will NEVER, EVER hire your company to service my home or any home across the United States. Your technicians lie, and you believe them without proof. I have a recording of the entire day of the day its said that the service was provided. No one at your company provided proof of service. They just wanted payment. I can’t wait to hear that your company is on the news for lying and not providing what people are paying for.

Your customer Service provided me with a false invoice of what was performed and I am going to have my soil tested and if I find you are lying, I will seek an attorney that would be willing to take the case and I will prove that I paid for services not rendered. I am sure I can find an attorney that would be willing to take this case since I was not disputing the cost, I just wanted to pay for services provided not a lie.

Submitted by Nelson Vargas from Clinton

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.