Terminix cashed a check from our sale of a house sale. We have proof that they did from our lawyers office. Instead of contacting us, they sent it to a collections agency and it went against our credit. We reached out to the terminex company, collection agency, our lawyers office and terminex refused to show that they had cashed the check. Finally the collection agency removed it from the account since we could show proof of them cashing the check.

Second story…
We hired them to do a quarterly inspection on our home for 89. But we were told that we could call them anytime in between for issues. They charged our card on Sept 24. Came out on Sept 25 sprayed and did their thing. I called Oct telling them I was still having problems. They scheduled a time. The day of service after I made time to be home, they called and said the guy could not come and they would have to reschedule for another day. They never called. Called again. Never got through. Come December charge on my card. But never saw the terminex crew. They said they came on December 24. CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!! I said I never saw them. So I called and asked how could they charge my card without them coming. They said when I signed the contract I signed that I was allowing them on my property anytime!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind would do this??????? I would never willingly sign anything like this to just anyone. Especially with kids in my home and I homeschool!!! Sometimes my kids are home alone!!! She said well you would get an email with all the details so you “COULD” read it and cancel if you didn’t like the details of our contract. WHY ARE THEY NOT TELLING PEOPLE THIS UPFRONT???????????? I CANCELLED MY SERVICE THAT DAY AND I HOPE NO ONE USES THEM EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Submitted by J from Minden, La

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.