We have only had our service with Terminix for a short time. They sprayed inside and out on their original visit. They were a no show on their next scheduled visit and charged us for the service. The third visit was unscheduled and the service provider called and stated he could not find our home. I told him I did not want him coming out and had stated previously I wanted the service canceled. We were once again charged for a service that was not provided. I attempted for weeks to speak to the manager with no luck. My wife and I both spoke to the national line several times with no results. I sent an email with my concerns and was contacted by a regional manger who after stating he understood my concerns never followed up. My wife once again tried contacting the manager and began asking for their policy and procedure. She was then connected to a local manager who stated services were rendered and there were conflicting stories. So my question is if there company is guided by ethical standards and principles how is it they are charging a customer based on what an employee decides to say or not say. As stated earlier, on the last charge date the service provider called and stated he was lost and could not find our address. I expressed to him I wanted the service canceled and for him not to come out. The local manager stated the service provider called him post spray from our drive way and that is how he knew the service was completed. If the provider was lost and we were home, how did he call from our driveway post spray and us not be aware? He stated he would have the regional manager and himself follow up with us as soon as possible. I will be filing with the BBB. I hope to find resolve and will continue to research the situation.

Submitted by S from Belton, KY

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