I had a mouse problem so i called Terminix. The gentleman came out we talked about the problem and I signed a contract the next day service man came and put out the traps told me to call back in approximately two weeks to have a traps replaced I called back and set up an appointment for Monday between 10 and 12 the gentleman never showed up I called the representative who I signed a contract with at that point I felt I was getting a runaround he check to see why the gentleman never came I was told that the appointment was rescheduled for Friday I told him Friday was not convenient for me and we went around in circles over what day we finally agreed on Thursday between 10 and 12 during this time the person I signed the contract with said his district manager would call me I waited most of the day and I finally got a hold of him. Again we went around in circles about why they changed the appointment without asking me first to see if it was convenient I just took it upon themselves to do it I couldn’t get a straight answer Thursday again I waited for the service man. As before he didn’t show up when I called the customer service number all they wanted to do was reschedule at this point I didn’t want any part of Terminix I told them to terminate my contract and I expected a refund for the two months that I had already paid for I am knew that I wouldn’t get back all of it but was totally shocked when I was told no you get nothing back . I spent Thursday trying to find a corporate and phone number to no avail . The representative that I signed a contract with has not return my calls nor my text messages he supposedly supervisor hasn’t called me back nor has a service man showing up I wouldn’t recommend them for anything I don’t know what kind of a scam the service man was running but it made me wonder when you told me not to go through the 800 number just call him to set up the next appointment. I have wasted four hours of my time for them and they don’t have the decency to call me regarding my appointments or return phone calls I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone I’ll remember that old statement buyer beware because with Terminix You better be where

Submitted by Carol Gunkel from Randallstown. Md

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.