Well I am a former employee at Terminix. I worked there 19 days short of 20 years. I was let go because according to them a customer said I didn’t come back and finish spraying their house. But I did and the GPS on the vehicles says I was their over 20 minutes. But when you work for a company that hires people to be managers and supervisors with NO pest control experience this is how things like this happens. I couldn’t explain or say anything because they wanted me out. They didn’t even participate in the unemployment interview because they know they were wrong.
Now when the company was a franchise LOYALTY was great for everybody but once the merger came, well money a’int everything. New computer system, new work practices, new rules well it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Calling customer b4 and after the service. Calling after work to remind customers of appointment were starting to tic off customers who say we call them to much. Then trying to call Terminix branch in your town….what a nightmare! U call and can get someone in Timbuktu b4 U get anything close to your own branch. We started losing employees left and right. Lots of experience went to Orkin. Wow.
And price!!!! Terminix overhead is so high that they MAKE customers pay for it. I would be embarressed at the cost of a new start. I always had to make up a reason for the ridiculous prices until I couldn’t fake it anymore. I guess that got back to the management and that probably hastened my departure since I NEVER got another chance like most other employees.
But all this is just a bit of the stuff that happened at that company. So don’t think just because you are the largest and “SO CALLED BEST” that U really are because it not the truth. Get another company since you don’t need a national company to do your pest control.

Submitted by Wilbert Iles from Lake Charles La

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.