We had discovered what looked like saw dust that had dropped from the overhead of our garage door. We called Terminix who came out and said right away that we had termites. They done no spraying but said we should have bait traps installed or we would have big issues. This cost us $1700. We work hard for our money so this took a large chunk of money from our savings. My husband then was talking to another exterminator who came to look at the saw dust dropping’s that continued to show up an d discovered it was carpenter ants. He sprayed for them and we have not had any other problems. He said that termites do not leave behind saw dust dirt we were seeing. One year later 7/20/2019 Terminix wanted to bill us for a years service and we said absolutely not. When we called earlier to complain about their service no one wanted to listen to us. They kept putting us on hold and then denying that they done anything wrong. They now want to come out and pull the bait traps and take them with them. I pulled out several bate traps and they still remain full with nothing being taken out of them. We paid for the traps and now they want them back with no refund. I am sure they are going to use them on some other poor fool.

Submitted by Roxann Pal from Mechanicsburg, PA

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.